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Vaccinations and Injection services

Vaccination is an important aspect of our services. We take pride in opening our doors for COVID 19  vaccinations in an effort to provide protection against this deadly pandemic to as many community members as it was physically possible. Seasonal flu vaccination and COVID boosters keep us busy most of the year. Our full service vaccination services makes us stand out as compared to our competetion. 

Pharmacists can now administer medications like B12 shots, anti-psychotics and other medications through injection as long as a patient has a prescription. What is excluded are cosmetic drugs and substances or allergy serums.

Shingles Vaccine

For immunocompetent adults 50 years and older. Two doses 2-6 months apart

Annual Flu Vaccinations

For seniors, adults, youth and kids.
High dose flu vaccines are available for a charge and special request.
Vaccinations through nasal spray is available for kids and select individuals.

Pneumonia Vaccines

Both publicly funded and
non-publicly funded vaccines available.

IM/ SC Injections

e.g Vitamin B12
(Subject to professional discretion and to be prescribed by a physician.)

COVID 19 Vaccine

For eligible patients only

RSV Vaccine

For adults 60years and older.
Not publicly funded.

Publicly Funded Vaccines


Travel Vaccinations

Hepatitis A & B

HPV Vaccine

Eligible as publicly funded vaccine in certain age groups. Ask for details