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Medication Management

Medication management is a prime function for any pharmacist. To ensure patient is getting the medication as prescribed, its compatibilty with his/ her body and other meds that he/she could be taking. Compliance packaging of medications is one of the most acceptable service achieve medication management.

Benefits of Compliance Packaging

Blister packs are used to provide a safe and convenient way to take your prescribed medication. Any medication you need each day is packaged in a single blister for that time of the day. This makes it easy to know how much and when you need to take your medication.

Using these packs gives a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that you are taking your meds as prescribed and that sense of awareness, in case if you have missed taking your medication at certain



  • BP provides a safe way to take your prescribed meds
  • All meds are packaged as a unit dose for certain time of the day
  • Chances of skipping a medication are eliminated significanlty
  • Provides sense of awareness to be able to know if you have missed a dose at certain time.


  • Blister Packs are compact. Easy to travel with. Can easily be packed in travel bag.
  • Don’t have to go through your multiple bottles to take your meds.
  • Meds are sealed in a blister. It prevents them from exposure to moisture in your storage space.
  • The packs are  compact in size & they can be easily tucked away from reach of children and pets.
  • Cuts down on chances of accidental spills of medications in bottles.

Retaining Your Sense of Independence

  • With everything in the same pack, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take your medication.
  • This peace of mind will also transfer to your family. Most likely they have a consistent worry that someone who needs medication might miss a day.
  • By using blister packs, you retain more of your independence and your family will feel more at ease. Not to mention, never missing a dose will keep you healthier.