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Anchor Compounding Pharmacy

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About Us

Anchor Compounding Pharmacy is an independently-owned and operated specialized pharmacy. Main goal of this operation is to quickly establish itself as the premier compounding Pharmacy in Nanaimo. We intend to serve patients and prescribers all across Canada.

We intend to differentiate ourselves by always going above and beyond for our patients. Our highly sophisticated pharmaceutical compounding laboratories allows us to meet the unique medication needs of all our patients based on their prescription.  We can make creams, ointments, capsules, lozenges, suppositories, disintegrating tablets, powders, liquids, suspensions, sprays, and more!

  • We go the extra mile for the health of our patient
  • We are always innovating and learning so that we continue to be the best
  • We actively care and connect with people, for better health outcomes.
  • We foster freedom, and respect independence of people and thought.

Our goal is to serve you Better Everyday

Our Mission & Vision

We will always be upfront with our patients. Our solutions to their inquiries would not be based on our profit but what is best for them.

We will apply our knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of our ability to ensure better outcomes for our patients.

We will continue to learn and seek out the best health care options available for our patients and embrace and advocate for any change in the profession of pharmacy that improves patient care.

We will maintain highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conduct.

We will focus on our patients wellness and not their sickness.
Anchor Compounding Pharmacy mission is to provide people with their personalized health freedom formula by delivering unmatched customer service and quality products while exceeding all applicable pharmacy standards

Our Services Offer One Stop Shopping For Your Health Care Needs

Our high-quality, integrated services deliver optimal member outcomes, superior savings and outstanding customer services.