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Blister Packaging

Getting on track in taking medications with our Compliance Packaging   It is absolutely critical to take your medications according to the regimens prescribed by your doctor. With our Compliance packaging missing doses would be a thing of the past It simplifies medication administration for anyone with a complex medication regimen, disabilities, inability to keep track […]

Medication Reviews

A medication review is a patient-care service that seeks to enhance a patient’s understanding of their medication regimen, identify and resolve drug therapy problems, and improve health outcomes. The service is provided by a pharmacist through a one-on-one, in-person appointment during which the patient and pharmacist identify all medications that the patient is taking, discuss how the […]

Compounding and Pet Medication

Veterinarian Compounding Animal drug compounding is the process of combining, mixing or altering ingredients to create medication tailored to the needs of an individual animal. Pet compounding is considered : To create a medication that has been discontinued or is no longer commercially available To mix one or more drugs together for easier administration To […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Therapy for Women Restoring Hormonal Balance Customized hormone therapy is the restoration of deficient hormones with hormones that are chemically identical to those that the body naturally produces, but which have declined due to ageing or illness. Customized hormone therapy has improved the quality of life for millions of women who suffer from hormonal […]

Compounding and Pain Management

Custom topical creams or Transdermal gels can be prepared by the Compounding Pharmacist to treat the pain at its trigger point. We formulate highly effective topical transdermal gels to treat pain, inflammation, and nerve damage. . We compound different combinations of medications to treat specific pain needs. Commonly prescribed medications include: Diclofenac, Gabapentin, Cyclobenzaprine, Ketamine, […]


Non-Sterile Compounding Non-Sterile Compounding refers to preparation of customized medications in different dosage forms such as liquid, capsules, cream, ointments, suppositories etc. The compounding process refers to the manipulation and combining of active medication and other ingredients to create specific formulations for individual patient needs. This practice requires special training and adherence to regulated quality […]